Reinventing the Wheel: Celebrating 50 Years of The JD570 Motor Grader

Dubuque Works retirees Don Bagby and Jerry Bode restored an original JD570 Motor Grader.

The 570 Motor Grader, before and after Don and Jerry restored it.

The JD570 Motor Grader holds a special place in John Deere’s history. Produced in Moline from 1967 – 1970, its industry-leading features, including front-wheel and articulated-frame steering, laid the foundation for the motor grade line of the future.

To celebrate the JD570’s 50th anniversary, we went in search of an original machine, and found one that had seen better days. But thanks to John Deere’s very own — Dubuque Works retirees Don Bagby and Jerry Bode — the motor grader was restored.

After 2,200 hours of hard work, Don and Jerry brought the machine back to life — and the result is incredible. The two men sat down to reflect on the experience. Here’s what they had to say:

So how did you guys get involved with the JD570 restoration project?

Jerry: One day, I ran into a friend and former co-worker of mine who still works at Dubuque Works. He knows I’ve restored some big machines over the years. So he asked if I’d be interested in working with John Deere to restore a 570 Motor Grader. And I said yes — but only if I could work with Don (laughing).

Don and Jerry spent a total of 2,200 hours from December 2014 to December 2015 restoring the JD570 Motor Grader.

How did it end up being this particular machine?

Don:?John Deere sent out a notice to all its dealers that the company was looking for a 570 to restore. They located one in western Nebraska, and boy, was it was in rough condition. When we first looked at it, we didn’t know how or where we’d start. But we knew we wanted to work on it.

How did John Deere aid you in the restoration process?

Don: From the very beginning we worked with Greg Swift at Dubuque Works. He was the liaison between the John Deere factory and us. If we needed something or ran into an issue the first thing we did was contact Greg. We were always calling to have him check the PDC (Parts Distribution Center) for the availability and cost of parts. ?

Jerry: We also had a good relationship with Martin Equipment, a local John Deere dealer in Dubuque, Iowa. They were always willing to help. When we were looking for a part that was no longer available from PDC, Martin Equipment would check to see if it might be in another dealer’s inventory.

Straight from the John Deere Archives, The JD570 Motor Grader in action.

Was it hard to find original parts?

Don: A lot of the parts we wanted weren’t available. And some of the parts that were available were too expensive. In those cases, we improvised. For example, we completely rebuilt the steering column using fiberglass. We couldn’t get a new engine hood, so we repaired that on our own. And we completely rebuilt all the wiring harnesses…28 wires, one wire at a time, with correct color codes, connectors, and not one blown fuse! ?

Were the original JD570 schematics helpful to your process?

Jerry: No — we didn’t have them (laughing). We took this 570 all the way down to the bare frame and rebuilt it with little more than an old service manual to guide us. We had PDFs of the original parts book and operator manual, too. From those we were able to replicate and piece things together as they were originally. Plus, we documented every disassembly step with pictures so we could see how everything went back together — we had over 700 pictures, in all.

John Deere Motor Graders: Covering All The Angles for 50 Years

To commemorate 50 years of the articulated motor grader at CONEXPO in Las Vegas, John Deere displayed the restored JD570 model that was reconditioned by Don and Jerry. Take a look at how far we've come.

Blast from the Past; The JD570 Motor Grader in action.

Was there a part of the process that proved more challenging than anticipated?

Jerry: Everything we worked on was taken down to bare metal for priming and repainting. We were dealing in 10-plus gallons of code correct John Deere construction yellow (TY25678) paint. To ensure even coloration, we mixed each individual gallon, combined them in a large container, mixed it all again, and transferred it back into the original gallon paint cans. It was a lot of work, but it’s small price to pay for good paint job (smiling).

Don: On the other hand, what we thought was going to be a big problem turned out to be a fairly easy issue. The 570 featured the “4 legged stag” John Deere logo decal on the fuel tank. But that decal isn’t available through John Deere anymore. We weren’t going to settle for an inauthentic detail—especially one that important. So we contacted the original decal supplier and arranged for a high-quality reproduction.

Is there anything about the finished product that makes you particularly proud?

Don: No detail was too small. Everything on this machine works as it should — and we’re really proud of that. For example, the original cab defroster fan included a light that indicated fan speed. It didn’t do anything when we got. But now it works like new (smiling)



Reinventing the Wheel: Celebrating 50 Years of The JD570 Motor Grader


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